MAG Edu Solutions (India) Private Limited is a software company providing technology based Management Solutions for all educational Institutions.


We provide Technology driven integrated software solutions which shall enable our client to monitor, assess and administer the educational institution through the current technological tools and build a robust e-Governance model to enable the various stake holders with the rel- evant information. The model will be reliable and secured and can be easily deployed and ope- rated.

The combination of thorough process, comprehensive experience and expansive creative vision enables us to cre- ate solutions that are innovative, usable and reliable.

Our Strength & 24/7 Hosting Tech Support

MAG Edu Solutions has a good team of creative Software development group. Our field experience and the professional expertise of our developers has contributed to successful experiences with our valued Customers. We place a KEY EMPHASIS ON SUPERIOR CUSTOMER CARE. Our staff is well trained to provide customized solutions that are required for your institution. Most of our new customers are referred by our existing satisfied Customers.

Why Technology Driven Integrated Solutions

Gone are the days when, an educational institution was only a centre of Knowledge dissemination and Assessment. Today, apart from the above you have to create, maintain and provide a host of other peripheral activities ranging from Hostel accommodation to Transportation. Your institution today has to be administered with a plethora of activities which are diversified - requiring focus and an in depth information into the regular curricular and non-curricular activities. This involves a lot of data creation; maintenance, integration, dispersion and most importantly provide key information in real time to enable the management to take the right decisions. All this is possible with the right technology adoption which can be integrated to suit the requirements of the various stake holders and also provide the ease of operations.

Technology enabled administration

Technology of today can provide Real Time Information to various stake holders namely the Management, Principal, Head of Departments,Teachers, Hostel Warden, Transport Manager, Accounts Department, Librarians, Parents and Students. Our technology will also offer integrated solutions to maintain an effective communication channel between various stake holders. This enables the stake holders to enjoy a new experience which are rich with real time information and enable them to take the required decisions with the accuracy of data provided by the system MAG Edu Solutions (India) Private Limited.