SMS Management system

What is SMS Generation system?

sms-management-softwareThe SMS Generation System is an automation software for educational organizations. It can generate the SMS for sending information and wishes. The SMS Generator has different types of templates according to the needs.

Why need SMS Generation System?

The SMS generation System makes bond between the organization and parent. This type of communication makes parent’s satisfaction about organization. The SMS can create in different type of templates for Students, Teachers and General SMS.

SMS Generation System

Different SMS Template can be created

Student SMS: Attendance, Mark and Grade details, Homework, Exam announcements, leave announcements, fees details, complaints, etc.,

Staff SMS: Announcements, Circular information, Birthday/Anniversary, etc.,

General: General information or circulars for both Staff and Students.


  • Ease of communication
  • Effective and efficient
  • Parent Satisfaction
  • Easy information updates